What Are Composite Worktops? Composite Countertops Explained

composite worktop

A composite worktop or composite material worktop is a worktop made from two or more materials combined together.

Doing so allows us to combine the benefits of the various materials together to create a more durable and versatile material.

Which Kitchen Styles Do Composite Worktops Suit?

Although composites are a popular choice for all kitchen styles, composite worktops perfectly match contemporary and modern style kitchens.

This is because of the wide range of colours and styles achievable when using composite materials.

They can also be found in many Shaker and Traditional kitchens, although a lot less frequently.

Are Composite Worktops Expensive?

composite kitchen worktop

Using a composite material is often a much cheaper choice, than opting for natural ones.

But don’t be fooled, the price doesn’t represent the quality of material.

Composites are still high quality and strong – they’re just made from materials that are less precious.

Take A Look At These Composite Worktops

If you’d like to take a look at some great looking composite worktops, be sure to check out the contemporary kitchens we have listed on our website by clicking here.

What Are Composite Countertops Made From?

Two of the most common materials used in composite worktops include quartz crystals and acrylic materials.

These will usually be mixed with colour pigments, polymer resin and bonding agents.

The price of these materials is usually a lot lower than that of the price of marble, glass or granite.

They’re also often stronger and easier to repair from scratches and damage.

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But it’s not just the price…

Other Benefits Of A Composite Worktop

A lot of composites have a much higher heat resistance than some natural materials and you don’t have to worry about stains or bi-annual maintenance.

They’re also incredibly hygienic, most composites are what is known as non-porous – which basically means they are less susceptible to harbouring germs.

Natural materials can add serious character to your kitchen, but if there is a certain colour or style you are going for, it can often be hard to find a natural material to match your preference.

kitchen composite worktop

However, with composites there is a massive range of styles and colours to choose from, as they are all made as per design.

And keeping these composite worktops clean is an absolute breeze, all you have to do is wipe them over with a soft cloth and warm water and they’ll be sparkling for years to come.

But don’t let that put you off natural materials, because as with all things kitchen design, it all depends on what your main use for your kitchen is going to be.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a composite worktop?

Composite worktops are made from two or more materials combined together (usually quartz crystals and acrylic materials mixed with colour pigments, polymer resin and bonding agents). This combines the benefits of various materials together, giving you a durable and versatile material at an affordable price.

How much do composite countertops cost?

The price of a composite countertop varies depending on your requirements. As a general rule, composite worktops cost less than worktops made from natural materials.

Are composite worktops any good?

Composite worktops are good if you’re looking for a worktop that’s: hygienic, strong, easy to clean, affordable and has a high heat resistance.

What is the easiest countertop to maintain?

Generally speaking, a composite worktop is the easiest countertop to maintain.

Are composite worktops cheap?

Composite worktops are one of the cheapest materials you can use for kitchen worktops.

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