How To Plan A Small Kitchen (design guide ideas)

How To Plan A Small Kitchen

If you’re looking to do mighty things with a small kitchen space, this guide is for you. Because by the time you finish reading this article, you’ll have all the advice you need to make an informed decision on your small kitchen design. 

Write A List Of Must Have’s & Would Like’s

The very first step is to write out a list of the things you absolutely must fit into your kitchen space and a list of things that’d be nice to have. Don’t let your available space become an issue at this stage, we need to get it all down on paper and then prioritise/get creative later. 

Print our Must Have’s & Would Like’s pdf below and then fill it out. 

new kitchen priority list

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Consider Modern And Contemporary Styles

Modern And Contemporary Styles

Modern or contemporary style kitchens are often better suited to smaller kitchen spaces as they look less cluttered when compared to other styles that include decorative cornices, pelmets, plinths etc. 

A more minimal style is always going to look better for smaller spaces, especially handleless kitchens, which we’re a big fan of.

Modern kitchens also make great use of horizontal lines in the design, which is one of many ways in which they make the kitchen appear larger than it actually is. 

Try Using Lighter Colours (such as white)

small white kitchens

Lighter colours (especially white) will give your kitchen a more spacious look, as the lighter colours are better at reflecting light. 

The same goes for counters too, if you were to use a material such as quartz, for example, your kitchen would benefit from its naturally reflective properties that will lighten the room and create a more airy environment. 

Integrated Appliances Are An Absolute Must

Integrated Appliances

When you’re trying to fit so much into a small area it can look quite cluttered, and one of the best ways to avoid that is to utilise integrated appliances in your kitchen design. 

Integrated appliances (also known as built in) do a great job of making your kitchen look bigger, since they can be neatly hidden away behind cabinet doors. 

As Are Pull Out Kitchen Drawers!

Pull Out Kitchen Drawers

Strongly consider using pull-out drawers in your kitchen design to ensure storage space doesn’t become an issue. Because the truth is, most small kitchens aren’t really lacking space for more storage, they’re just not utilising the space they have available very efficiently. 

Tall Wall Units Give You Space And The Illusion Of Height

Tall Wall Units

When you include tall wall units into a small kitchen space, it gives the illusion of height, while also providing extra storage space. 

Another pro tip is to opt for open shelving, as this will stop the kitchen from looking overcrowded. 

You Don’t Need To Stick With Your Existing Floor Plans And Layout

Small Kitchen Floor Plans

It’s worth exploring a few different variations of your floor plans with an experienced designer, as you can often achieve so much more out of the space than you’re getting right now. 

When you’re going bespoke, you don’t need to stick with your existing layout. So talk it over with your designer first. 

Your Next Steps

After you’ve got your “Must Have’s and Would Like’s” down on paper, book an appointment for a kitchen design consultation with your nearest professional showroom (you’ll want to take this list with you)

If you use us, your appointment will be completely free from obligation or costs. However we are aware that many people cannot travel all the way down to Essex, Suffolk or Kent for an appointment. 

And so we have also put together another article explaining what to expect at a kitchen design consultation that you should read next. 

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