What Is A Traditional Kitchen?

Hanak Madame Traditional Kitchen

Traditional Kitchens are classy, elegant kitchens that have truly stood the test of time.

These kitchens date back to a time when quality and class were the priority. But it isn’t just their historic past that makes them so charming.

They are warm, homely and above all else – the sort of place you wouldn’t mind losing yourself in for a good few hours.

If you like class, sophistication and decoration – traditional kitchens might be for you.

But what constitutes a traditional kitchen?

The Traditional Design

traditional style kitchen

Unlike modern kitchens, traditional kitchens are all about the small details and individual character.

This focus on character means using more natural materials like wood and very few man made ones.

The wood is often painted with muted colours to appear aged and welcoming.

You will also find it common for traditional kitchen floors to be made from natural materials too. Most commonly stained hardwood and tile.

Stylish Decorative Elements

raised panel cabinets and crown molding

One of the core fundamentals of a traditional kitchen is the raised panel cabinets which adds dimension and detail to the kitchen.

Crown molding can also be applied throughout the kitchen to add another layer of depth and match the overall style of the cabinets.

Use of ornaments and decorations are very common in traditional kitchens, which helps give it that “a family lives here” feeling.

The Benefits of a Traditional Kitchen

Traditional Kitchen Benefits

As the name suggests traditional kitchens have been around for a long time, and they’re not going anywhere any time soon.

People are often drawn to these kitchens because of the class they represent.

But it’s not just that…

They Aren’t Going Out Of Fashion

Kitchen design trends come and go, but traditional kitchens will always remain firmly planted as a popular kitchen style.

They’re Warm And Welcoming

Everything about a traditional kitchen is warm and welcoming. From the natural materials used throughout to the soft, muted colour palettes – you can guarantee that your friends and family will feel comfortable in a traditional kitchen.

Some examples of popular traditional kitchens are:

Traditional Kitchen Image Gallery

Here’s what luxury traditional kitchens look like (click image to enlarge):

Schuller Traditional Malta Kitchen (white)Schuller Traditional Malta KitchenSchuller Traditional Malta Kitchen whitewhite drawers Schuller Traditional Riva KitchenSchuller Traditional KitchenSchuller Traditional Riva KitchenTraditional Riva Kitchen 090_091_PAR_HA_ModelSchuller Traditional Parma KitchenTraditional Parma KitchenSchuller Traditional Kitchen Hanak Madame Traditional KitchenHanak Traditional Madame KitchenHanak Madame Traditional KitchenHanak Traditional Madame Kitchen

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a traditional kitchen look like?

Traditional kitchens are characterised by the use of natural materials, soft muted colours and decorative details such as raised panel cabinets and crown molding.

What is the difference between traditional and modern kitchen?

The main difference between a traditional kitchen and a modern kitchen is the use of decorative details like crown moldings. Modern kitchens are far more minimalistic than traditional kitchens. The idea behind a modern kitchen is to look as clean and sleek as possible. Some modern kitchens don’t even have handles on the doors to make them look more streamlined, whereas traditional kitchens feature lots of nice decorative touches.

Are traditional kitchens any good?

Traditional kitchens are great if you like small decorative details, character and that warm family feeling. They are also a good choice if “going out of fashion” would be a problem for you, as that’s never going to happen with this style.

Want To See More?

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