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kitchen island benefits

Top 4 Reasons to Love Kitchen Islands

Kitchen Islands are a great addition to most kitchens and they’re something we often get asked about in our kitchen showrooms, so we decided to put together an article answering some of the most common questions, and sharing our top...

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composite worktop

What Are Composite Worktops? Composite Countertops Explained

A composite worktop or composite material worktop is a worktop made from two or more materials combined together. Doing so allows us to combine the benefits of the various materials together to create a more durable and versatile material. Which...

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Handleless Kitchen

Handleless Kitchens Ideas & Inspiration (Huge Gallery)

Take a look through our range of handleless kitchen images featured below from the Hanak and Schuller range. Handleless Kitchen J Pull Kitchen Doors Modern Handleless Kitchen Brown Handleless Kitchen Wood Handleless Kitchen Handleless Kitchen in Wood Handleless Kitchen With...

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Kitchen Design Consultation Couple

What Happens At A Kitchen Design Consultation?

[CTA]Finding your dream kitchen is an exciting time for any family that's looking to perfect “the heart of their home”. But something we've learned having helped countless families across the UK is that it can also be an incredibly stressful...

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Schuller Kitchens

Schuller Kitchens – 60+ Images, Doors & Showrooms UK

Schuller are one of the top rated German kitchen companies in the world and have built up a solid reputation for their excellent craftsmanship and luxury designs.

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Kitchen Design Terminology Explained

Common Kitchen Design Terminology Explained

Looking for a new kitchen can be hard work, and if you’ve spent any length of time looking these up online you are probably baffled by all the kitchen design terminology us designers use. So, in this article we are...

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