37 Shaker Kitchen Images (Inspiring Shaker Kitchen Ideas) | Photo Gallery

Shaker Kitchen Images

Shaker Kitchen Images

Shaker kitchens blend the contemporary and traditional styles into a kitchen design that looks stunning in both modern and period homes. It’s a style that’s always going to look modern, but with that elegant touch.

This page hosts a selection of high-quality shaker kitchen images. And so, if you’re looking for shaker kitchen ideas, you’re going to love this image gallery! All of our shaker kitchen images in one gallery (from both the Hanak & Schuller ranges).

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Hanak YorkYork kitchen Schuller Shaker Finca Kitchen white kitchenkitchen white and greenwhite and light green Hanak NiceHanak Nice

3 Reasons To Love Shaker Kitchens

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Firstly, they’re a classic design that won’t go out of style. Shaker-style kitchens are warm, inviting and clean, while remaining more traditional than other modern designs. And because the design will always be popular, there’s less chance of it having a negative impact on the value of your home if you ever decide to sell it a few years down the line.

Secondly, because there is dedicated storage for everything you could need, shaker kitchens almost always look neat and presentable. In fact, there’ll be no valid excuse for an untidy kitchen again (well almost no excuse!) Which means that when it comes time to start preparing dinner; utensils, appliances and other items will be easy to find.

And finally, they’re sturdy, durable and built to last you many years of constant use, whilst still looking absolutely stunning. This is due to their use of strong materials and top quality craftsmanship.

Are Shaker kitchens old fashioned?
The Shaker design comes from the 1700s, therefore it is unquestionably a “traditional” style. One thing it isn’t, however, is “outdated”, since the design is currently more popular than it has ever been!

What is a Shaker style kitchen?
Shaker kitchen drawers, doors and cabinets are characterised by a flat center panel and square edges. They also feature very little decoration or profiling, giving an uncluttered but classy look. Shaker furniture has been around for generations and is currently one of the most popular kitchen designs in the UK.

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