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Lacquer Premium Collection

Polar White Gloss S01L Polar White Gloss
Magnolia Gloss S43L Magnolia Gloss
Champagne Gloss S47L Champagne Gloss
Grey Gloss S25L Grey Gloss
Star Mocca Gloss S49L Star Mocca Gloss
Star Anthracite Gloss S48L Star Anthracite Gloss
Star Titanium Gloss S53L Star Titanium Gloss
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Graphite Gloss/Matt S03L Graphite Gloss/Matt
Ivory Gloss/Matt S04L Ivory Gloss/Matt
Gravel Gloss/Matt S07L Gravel Gloss/Matt
Glass Green Gloss/Matt S16L Glass Green Gloss/Matt
Garnet Red Gloss/Matt S20L Garnet Red Gloss/Matt
Black Gloss/Matt S23L Black Gloss/Matt
Safari Gloss/Matt S29L Safari Gloss/Matt
Mistyrose Gloss/Matt S31L Mistyrose Gloss/Matt
Vuitton Brown Gloss/Matt S32L Vuitton Brown Gloss/Matt
Dark Ivory Gloss/Matt S33L Dark Ivory Gloss/Matt
Antique White Gloss/Matt S34L Antique White Gloss/Matt
Star Cream Gloss/Matt S50L Star Cream Gloss/Matt
Orion White Gloss/Matt S51L Orion White Gloss/Matt
Turmeric Gloss/Matt S54L Turmeric Gloss/Matt
Kerosene Gloss/Matt S55L Kerosene Gloss/Matt
Violet Blue Gloss/Matt S56L Violet Blue Gloss/Matt
Forest Green Gloss/Matt S57L Forest Green Gloss/Matt
Terracotta Gloss/Matt S58L Terracotta Gloss/Matt

Metallic Colours

Gold Metallic Gloss/Matt R1036L Gold Metallic Gloss/Matt
Light Silver Metallic Gloss/Matt R9006L Light Silver Metallic Gloss/Matt
Dark Silver Metallic Gloss/Matt R9007L Dark Silver Metallic Gloss/Matt
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Laminate Trend Collection

White Wood OLWHW White Wood
Bleached Beam Oak OLDBSUBE Bleached Beam Oak
Vintage Light Oak OLDBS Vintage Light Oak
Oak Rustic Nature OLDBRNAT Oak Rustic Nature
Arezzo Walnut OLORAZ Arezzo Walnut
Classic Brown Oak OLDBRHN Classic Brown Oak
Carbon Wood OLCAW Carbon Wood
White Smooth LBH White Smooth
Magnolia Smooth LMAGH Magnolia Smooth
Champagne LCHG Champagne
Grey LSE Grey
Mocca LMOC Mocca
Anthracite LAN Anthracite
Titanium LTI Titanium
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Walnut Corte OLORC Walnut Corte
Rusty Flow OLRTF Rusty Flow

Laminate Trend Collection Flow

Concrete Flow OLCCF Concrete Flow
Charcoal Flow OLCHCF Charcoal Flow
Carbon Oak OLDBCA Carbon Oak
Iron Flow OLIRF Iron Flow

Laminate Trend Collection Gloss

Champagne Gloss OLLCHG Champagne Gloss
Snow White Gloss OLLSB Snow White Gloss
Titanium Gloss OLLTIT Titanium Gloss
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